Sunday, 28 September 2008

Willie Aames frontal in Paradise-part 3!!!

The 3rd & final cpas & clip of Willie Aames in the movie Paradise-taken from the uncut DVD release! This clip features the underwater frontal scene so you can see his lovely cock bobbing about in the water! Also his sexy bum in his loincloth-so hot!!! Hope you've enjoyed these posts-leave some comments and let me know!!!


  1. grrrreat pair of legs!
    like WOW
    thanks for posting : )

  2. Yes, Willie was sexy. And sexier naked. But for some reason he didn't smack you right in the eyes the way Chris Atkins did in the Blue Lagoon. When I first saw Chris I thought I was going to collapse on the theatre floor. Willie, however, did redeem himsef with those candid black & white photos at a pool in which his Speedo so obviously displays his erection. WOW! But please don't misread me. When Willie was young I would have willingly become his sex slave. I'm just saying that on the screen he wasn't quite as viscerally sexy as Chris Atkins.

    1. I agree. Chris Atkins is incredibly special. He is still one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen!