Monday, 17 November 2008

Gregori Baquet & Salim Kechiouche frontals in Grande Ecole!!!


  1. The dark haired boy is super cute and HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is so good to see guys like salim Kechiouche who are not ashamed of their penis size. Most pictures of naked men are of guys over 7 inches 80% of men are 6 inches and below that. It's great to see a average guy who does not mind frontal nudity because guys with big dicks are a small minority so the small penis guy gets the last laugh. No need to feelings of guilt, inferiority,fear or shame hang 1 to 3 inches with pride because we are the majority.

    1. lol true you can see in the showers most men hang 2 inches like salim Kechiouche. I guess that's the norm but still funny 4 inches rock hard.