Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Dale & Stu in Christmas Underwear!!!!
From Closer & New magazines-gorgeous-i've been missing Dale!!!


  1. oh look its these two twats! its scouser dale, the brain damaged moron whose mouth hangs open as if he has downs syndrome. and hey its stuart pricklington, fucking vain bastard who "loves his daughter soooo much" he left her for a week so he could live it up in london after he left big brother. thought these two hated each other, anyway. cunts of the highest order.

  2. They definitely had the hots for eachother. Those two boys were practically joined at the hip when they left the house,I recall seeing countless picture of them staggering out of nightclubs and climbing into a cab together - never a girl in sight - they only used Jen to make eachother jealous, it was obvious that they were more interested in eachother than in her.
    They were both as thick and vain as eachother and seemed well suited in my opinion.