Friday, 3 April 2009

Gorgeous Joe naked in tonights Sex Education Show!!!**clip updated 9/2/14**
What a hottie!!!


  1. please continue to post these videos.... is there anyway i can watch the full episodes on the web?? thanks
    ~kekai :-)

  2. Thanks for these kinds of videos & I agree please post more :D

  3. What made this a "yuck" to me; was that his nanny or mommy was performing this procedure rather than a male doctor as it should have been. The vast majority of Urologists are male (that is what the male patients choose), yet they staff their offices with females of all age who perform the most intimate procedures. This has been happening in the U.S over the last few decades, and the "Patients Bill of Rights" has been re-written without much fanfare to discount the part that mentioned "dignity". A similar lack of consideration would never be allowed in a Gynecologist's office; hospitals have long refused to staff OB/GYN departments with male nurses despite "equalilty" demands on the part of females to go much farther. If a male patient objects to a female performing a personal procedure, he is openly ridiculed before other staff members & patients alike. If a female has an objection, criminal charges are considered so serious, that the police will speed to the Medical facility, literally tackle th e male nurse to the ground (or Tazer his without notice) then drag him out in handcuffs never to be seen again! You think I'm kidding? This is the age of extreme absurdity & hypocracy, when the US VP Biden has REFUSED to even HEAR men's Rights advocates because: "Men's Rights might weaken Women's Right's". Where male Air Traffic Controllers were required to submit to humiliating & debasing "sensitivity training" on their jobs that was far worse than any "sexual harrassment" had ever been. It consisted of being line up in front of a meeting room, then genitally groped by the new female hires who were instructed to rate the men's genitals publicly. When some of the men tried to sue, the judge awarded them only a meager pittance, not even enough to cover their legal expenses. And of course, the media never "exposed" THAT criminal behavior. We are merely pawns of a greater power that controls the institutions of information, law, police power & medical mutilations. I understand that this TV show is from abroad (probably the UK), which has changed even more than we have in the last few decades, but that just goes to show how widespread the international subterranean power mongers truly are.