Friday, 3 July 2009

Ken Steadman frontal in I Like To Play games-clip 2!!!


  1. Thank you! This is one of the first softcore movies I ever saw and the sex scenes floored me. Few softcore films have such generous nudity from the leading man. That open robe moment shocked me at the time. The threesome is especially hot. Ken Steadman was a breathtaking man.

  2. Funny thing is I remember seeing this actor on a daytime talk show (Sally Jessie or Jenny Jones, one of those...) at about the same time this movie was made. It was one of those moralizing episodes about the evils of nakedness and how nudity will destroy an acting career -- and possibly even result in a premature death. So melodramtic!

    Anyway, this guy Steadman was in the audience, and he got to ask a question. He said that he was just starting out as an actor, and he'd been offered roles that required nudity but he always turned them down because he would never ever get naked for a movie role.

    A few weeks later I saw him in this. On Cinemax Afterdark running down the street with his robe open and his dick flopping in the breeze. And then I just laughed. And later I whacked off...

  3. Thanks for the Leo stripper video. I love the stripper videos from this British tv show. If you have any of the others, could you please post them all.