Sunday, 20 September 2009

Grant Cramer frontal & rear in Hardbodies!!!


  1. Wooweee!!! Nice caps! Thanks! (I just found your blog today, it's GREAT!)
    Kinda suprising there was full frontal male nudity in in a 1984 movie, we didn't see that very often back then...
    I was wondering why you posted these pics now, but I just found out it was just released to DVD on Aug. 19th I believe...
    I remember this movie way back when, but don't remember this scene, could have been there though, but maybe it was cut in the USA premium cable version...Anybody remeber if it was?

  2. I REMEMBER HIM !! He was on the soap ; Young & Restless... Always had a crush on him.
    Talk was he was gay back then, anyone know whatever happened to this blond HUNK ?