Friday, 30 October 2009

New Poll Added!!! A new poll for you all to vote in! As last year i want to know what have been your favourite posts from 2009! Each poll is done month by month and i've picked the best posts from each month to vote for-you can choose as many favourites from each month as you want to! January is up now-the top 3 from each month will go in a poll at the end of the year to find your favourite posts of the year-and give an indication of what you'd like to see more of! So get voting-the poll is open for 4 days!!! If you want to check out the posts your are voting for just click January 09 in the side bar!

Chris Coghill (Eastenders) & Kieran O'Brien frontal in Burn It!!!
Kieran O'Brien frontal & rear in Burn It!!!
William Ash naked in Burn It!!!
Thomas Jane naked in Hung-S01E02!!