Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kieran Hayler stripping in Argumental-ultra gorgeous!!!
He will be stripping in Eastenders on Fri 16th March-follow him on Twitter!/kieran0322 -if he gets 1000 followers he'll post a full frontal picture!!!


  1. Saw the frontal pic and I have to say he's a got a nice sized uncut penis...

  2. Really hot, and such a lovely smile throughout!

  3. Where's the uncut picture?

  4. Uncut? he was objectified on national TV not doing a sleazy strip!

  5. Man he's hot. Just dicovered him, and I'm in love myself. He seems to have it all. And brave! I appauld any, hot, young, man, who chooses stripping as a career. They are trailblazers,actually. Paveing the road for a better situation for Nude Male Eentertainers, down the road. If we believe in TOTAL, Equality amoung the genders then, it's time Men become Objectified as Women ALWAYS HAVE. And a fine, piece of prime, young, Manmeat, like this, is a excellent start.

    Do wish he was performing here, in Canada. Do wish I had my Hands, and Tongue, ALL OVER HIM!

    Keep up the Hot, Sexy, Work, Bro. You DO, have Fans and Admirers. Men as well as women.

    Thanks. Out.