Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Christopher Meloni & Brian Bloom naked shower in Oz!!!
As requested by Nik-Christopher Meloni and Briam Bloom showering nude in Oz-nice frontal from the sexy Chris who also bends down spreading his ass cheeks showing his hole!!!


  1. yes! :] thanks so much!

    would you happen to have the frontal he did when he strips while he's talking to that lady? he's in a cell or something and he's talking to a lady while he strips naked.

    i swear this is the last request for a while. i don't want to be a nuisance! X_X

  2. wow! amazing! :) thanks

    do you have the video where he pees too?

    i hope i'm not a nuisane too.. :(

  3. yeah i think i have both those scenes-will have to look-may take me a while but i'll post them soon!

  4. It's really hot how he bends over and shows his asshole. I'm surprised he did that!

  5. He's hotvcute Chris m Brain bloom wow Butcheeks crack bod u